PVC Windows

Radiance Doors offer a complete range of windows, which are manufactured by one of the country’s leading fabricators.

The window system gives an unparalleled flexibility to create beautiful windows, in a whole range of colours & styles and come with security and thermal performance as standard.

Window Styles


This popular opening out style of window puts an end to drafts, background noise and the need to constantly maintain and paint. The windows need minimum maintenance, with an occasional wipe down and lubrication of the hardware to keep them in pristine condition.

They come in almost any size & shape and almost any combination of fixed and opening panes. We can guarantee that there is a window to suit and complement your home.

Flush Casement Windows

Where there is a need to maintain the traditional look of a property, we offer a flush casement option. It is an award-winning window with period styling, slim sightlines, traditional hardware options but still comes with security, thermal performance and minimum maintenance.

Vertical Sliding Windows

Like the Flush option, we also offer a replacement sliding sash window that mirrors the look of a traditional timber sash. Beautiful in appearance, it also still has all the benefits of a new PVC system.