Secondary Glazing

Transform your home or place of work with Secondary Glazing

Make cold, noisy rooms a thing of the past with a bespoke secondary glazing system. Ensuring your existing windows remain untouched and unobstructed, secondary glazing features the installation of a discreet, slimline aluminium frame onto either the window reveal or the inside face of your existing window, allowing for  improvement in thermal efficiency and security.

Ideally suited for listed buildings, heritage homes, conservation areas and properties with noise concerns, each secondary glazed window is made to measure and can be customised to match the style, function, colour and décor of your existing windows.

Why Choose Secondary Glazing?

Quite simply, homeowners choose secondary glazed windows because they’re quiet, warm and secure.

Retaining Your Properties Character & Charm

The beauty of secondary glazing is that its primary goal is to support your existing windows, as opposed to replacing them. If your home features windows packed full of charm and character, secondary glazing system can be installed to add all the modern-day performance benefits you’ve come to expect, without altering the overall aesthetic.

For any listed buildings, or any property located within a conservation area, secondary glazed windows are an absolute must. Where complete window replacements are not permitted, secondary glazing provides a unique and discreet way to bring your property into the 21st century.

 Homes around train tracks and within airport flight paths are perfectly suited to our range of secondary glazed windows.

An Effective Condensation Solution

For condensation that forms either on or around your windows, an effective cure is to install secondary glazing. Our secondary glazing collection allows for balanced, low-level ventilation within the window reveal cavities, which in turn prevents the inner glass from becoming too cold and ultimately prevents condensation from forming on both the primary and secondary units.

The unique trickle ventilation system that is installed into all our secondary glazing windows provides a simple, effective method of allowing background ventilation to enter your home and to control condensation levels.